Earl Consulting Services

This is currently a launching pad for the various Open Source  and other projects that we're working on or involved with.

Soon, it'll have a LOT more stuff regarding Earl Consulting Services' offerings, but for now, the main site being put up here is a better placeholder for the soon to be released website for earlconsult.org.

Frank Earl's Projects and Stuff:

Of course, as is the fashion, I offer a link to my blog page over at Advogato.  I guess it's kind of cool
to post random rants online for others to read.  Some read my tripe, some don't- guess that's all okay
since it's something I enjoy doing (when I actually do it...  :-)

Here's some of the things I'm involved in directly or in the periphery thereof...

I am currently the CTO (Being an executive officer of a company is at least somewhat overrated...  :-) of:

Coollogic, Inc.  (Coollogic's website went dark a while back for budgetary reasons...(yes...we're still in business...))

Right now, we're not doing set-top box distributions (for now...probably get back to it when the business funding for the projects we've got under way right now takes off...) but we're still focusing on Embedded Linux with an emphasis on systems security.  Can't say more than this right at the moment, though.

I am currently a Team Lead (after hours...) for:

Linux Game Publishing (Currently I am credited for working on Ballistics and Bandits:Phoenix Rising as projects)

I am currently doing firmware and game porting (after hours) for:

        The Open Pandora Handheld Game Console Project (This is an OMAP3 based hanheld.  It's very much "over the top" in performance- check it out...)

I am the Lead developer for:

The drivers for the Versalogic VSBC-6 industrial I/O system
The Tux-Tag extensible laser tag system project
The drivers for the Intelogis Passport powerline networking device

I was a maintainer for:

The Utah-GLX driver project

I have been a developer for:

The DRI 3D driver infrastructure project

I am following the development of, but not actively working with (yet...):

The OGG project

Is your company looking for an embedded systems programmer, someone to migrate your Windows application to Unix, or to do cross-platform development or design?  I offer my resume for your review.

Fun Stuff:

Some cool webcomics that I heartily reccomend:

Schlock Mercenary: Travel The Galaxy, Meet new and Interesting Lifeforms, and then Kill Them.        User Friendly - Geeks, ISP/Admin Jokes, etc.

ElfLife/BookElves : Epic Romances, Epic Adventures, Epic Humor          Freefall: The adventures of Sam, Florence, and Helix

The Suburban Jungle: The life and loves of Tiffany Tiger

I am an avid fan of hoaxes and hoax busting- here's a sample of one very likely to be Internet hoax that I've dissected
for the Texas SVT club discussion forum.